New tyres sales in Crawley

  • Full factory refurbishment
  • Powder coat and wetspray finishes
  • Custom finishes

Terms of Sale

  • Vehicles undergoing repair on our premises are fully insured by us. However we will not accept any responsibility for items left in the vehicle or any mechanical failure, whilst in our control.
  • Customers must ensure that vehicles left with us have the requisite tool for the locking wheel nut available, including locking dust cap covers, and any other devices which may immobilize the vehicle.
  • In the vast majority of cases , we can achieve very high quality refurbishments, but at times we are limited, not by our process, but by the overall condition of the wheel, and cannot be responsible for the effects of poor castings, and excessive corrosion.
  • When a specific colour is chosen by the customer, we cannot be held responsible for the final appearance of the wheel. We are acting on customer instructions, and whilst the finish will be up to our high standard, certain colours just do not work with certain wheels.
  • We reserve the right to abort the refurbishment of a wheel, if in our opinion the wheel is found to be unroadworthy , and beyond safe repair. Regrettably, this may be after the wheel has been stripped. No charge will be made for an incomplete wheel.
  • Wheels will be completed within 3 days of delivery, though in many cases this will be shortened, but this must be considered as exceptional, as opposed to the norm.
  • Tyres that are illegal or unroadworthy, will not be refitted. We will contact the customer as early as possible in the process to enable remedial action to be taken.
  • As a matter of course, rubber valves will be fitted as part of the refurbishment free of charge. These are recommended as they do not break the paint seal at the valve hole, unlike metal valves. The original metal valves can be fitted if the customer specifically requests it, or new metal valves fitted at an additional cost of 5 each.
  • In many instances tyre pressure sensor equipment, can cause problems. It may be we have to cut out the valve core, and replace with new ones. This still leaves the delicate electronic sensor in tack, but will incur the cost of the valve replacements.
  • In cases where we have refitted the wheels to the car, care is taken to ensure the wheels seat on the wheel hubs, and are torqued to the recommended pressure. However it is the customers responsibility to check the wheel nuts for tightness after an initial 50 miles of motoring.
  • All Work not involving any form of lathe work, will carry a full 12 month guarantee against faulty workmanship, but will not cover fair wear & tear, and any additional damage to the wheel.
  • Wheels that are not collected within 30 days of completion of the work will be sold, and proceeds put towards discharging the debt.
  • If in the unlikely event, the customer is not satisfied with the final finished wheel, then we require confirmation in writing, within 72hrs, highlighting the nature of the problem and the wheel returned for inspection.