New tyres sales in Crawley

  • Full factory refurbishment
  • Powder coat and wetspray finishes
  • Custom finishes

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I choose Wheel Works?

We are the only company in Sussex, that can claim to carry out a full factory refurbishment.
Unlike all mobile repairers, who only carry out a cosmetic repair on the face of the wheel, our process treats the whole of the wheel, and at the same time, we ensure it is structurally sound, and there is the added bonus of spotting potentially dangerous tyres. Our finishes will have a much longer life, than "patch repairs", as we are replicating the Original Manufacturer's process, with overall three layers of new paint. Back to top

What is your process?

In the vast majority of cases the wheels are completely stripped, and undergo a rigorous refurbishment procedure.
See our Process page for details. However, if the damage is slight, and time is of the essence, then we can do a localized repair. Back to top

What about kerb damage, and scrapes on the face?

On many occasions, the damage can look worse than it is. Once all the old paint coatings have been removed, it is surprising how much those coatings will have taken the impact, and protected the Aluminium underneath. It is then ,using the right tools, a simple job to smooth out the remaining damage, re-profile where necessary, and prepare for recoating. Back to top

My wheels are badly corroded, and the paint has gone milky looking

This is caused by a breakdown in the original paint layers, either brought about by untreated impact damage, or de-lamination of the layers of paint or lacquer, usually on polished wheels such as Lexus IS 200, Mercedes AMG’s and Ford Mondeo. If left for too long, then the aluminium begins to degrade, as there is no protective layer. Whilst powder coat has the best chance to disguise this rough finish, as it is much thicker than normal paint, there could still be some evidence of the previous corrosion damage left in the finished wheel. Back to top

Can you refurbish split rims?

We can do most 2 piece wheels, and will take on 3 piece wheels dependent upon manufacturer, as in some cases specialist tools are required to separate the parts. Back to top

How long will the process take?

Loose wheels, that are either delivered to our premises or collected, will take 2 to 3 days. If they have a polished or lathed face, then this will take longer, but an exact time will be given when we receive the wheels. If we take in a vehicle, which has been pre-booked, then we will make best efforts to complete in a day, as long as it is delivered before 8.30 a.m. and can be collected after 5.30 p.m. Two piece wheels will be completed within 3 days. We would give an estimate of the time frame on 3 piece wheels once we know the make and level of work required. Back to top

Can you store my vehicle

Yes we can, but only if the vehicle has been pre-booked. We would expect this to be only for 1 night, as we have limited storage space, and wish to maintain our throughput Vehicles left with us will be fully insured by us. Back to top

What about cracked & dented wheels?

We can do both, but we will refuse to carry out any work, where we believe the wheel to be dangerous. The customer must bear the risk of a wheel cracking whilst undergoing straightening. Wheels that have distorted from the hub cannot be rectified. Rest assured we would give best advise once we have seen the wheel. Back to top

Will you collect wheels from my home?

Yes we will, as long as you are within a 25 mile radius of Crawley, and can be flexible about collection dates & times, so that we can co-ordinate with other deliveries/collections. Back to top

Will you fit new tyres that I have already purchased?

As part of the refurbishment service, we refit tyres, provide a new rubber valve ,and balance the wheel. So it is no issue for us to fit new tyres. However we make a charge of £2 for disposal of each old carcass. We also supply tyres, so it may be worth asking us for an alternative quote. Back to top

What colours can I choose?

We can do the full range of the most common colours, and have a fixed price as long as the wheels are finished in Silver, Black, White, Anthracite, Black Chrome, & Gold. However we are not restricted to these colours, as we have a full Water Based mixing scheme on site, which means you can have whatever you want. Give us a paint code or a small swatch, and we will mix the paint for you. We charge an extra £10 per wheel, for mixed paint. Only one downside! - you don't like the finished effect on your wheel, you still have to pay - so take care! Back to top

Do you colour code Centre Caps?

Yes we do, but only if we feel it would complement the refurbishment of the wheel. We make best endeavors to improve the centres, but in many cases may have to suggest the purchase of new ones, and you may have to compromise if you have had a wheel colour change. Back to top

What Guarantee do I get?

Whether it be a localized repair, or a full refurbishment, we give a 12 month guarantee against faulty workmanship. This does not cover lathed wheels, with lacquer over bare metal. These wheels have poor adhesion characteristics, and wherever possible , we would try and dissuade a customer from having this finish. Back to top

Who can I speak to, to get an impartial recommendation?

Easy! - Search "Wicked Wheels Crawley" in Google.
As mentioned on our Home page, we have only recently changed our name to Wheel Works, having previously been Wicked Wheels. This should give you all the comfort you would need, as to our capabilities, and quality of work. Back to top